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The films that are featured below are offering producer, special thanks, as well as presenter credits (where your name presents the film). Some will also offer a percentage of the net profit.

The prices below start from as low as £99. After you've purchased your credit, you'll also    send an email with your   IMDb    page. We can get your credit listed. If currently, you don't have yourself have an IMDb page yet, don't worry, please send the name that you wish to be credited as. Your name will also appear in the completed film/s, and it may be used in certain promotional materials.

Completed films receive distribution and get placed into major retailers. 


Buy 3 film credits and get the 4th credit of equal or lesser value for free ​( this will not apply to Presenter credits).
All credits must be purchased from the same company for this deal (Completely Lar Lar Productions).

Register your interest now via email. 

Snorerus & Hiccups

Season 2 

Below are the prices for a credit per episode for Season 2 which is going to have six episodes,   plus some bonus episodes.


Season 1 is currently in production and will be available this year on Prime Video.


Would you like to be part of Season 2? Or know someone who does? 


Choose a credit you would like and email your interest and check availability. 

Associate Producer Credit  

 £300/ sale £250

Co-Producer Credit  


Executive Producer Credit   


Co-Executive Producer Credit 


Solo Producer Credit


Presenter Film Credit

(Your name presents the film, plus you get an Executive Producer Credit, and 10% net profit) 


*Please note that there are no refunds for credit purchases. We'll do our utmost very best to complete/obtain distribution for each project, but there's no way to entirely guarantee that a film will see the sunlight of the day and/or be well received. Yet, our track record proves that we have turned out many ultra-low-budget projects and films with amazing results. We strive for the same again and again, and to get better each time with every film, but please keep in mind that filmmaking is a beautiful gamble yet still a gamble. 

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